28 enero 2011

We have to talk.

A long time ago in a far far away galaxy, I fell in love, it wasn't with a girl, or any kind of humans. It was the life. With it I feel so good and now I can not live without it. I think about that and first of all I think "Wow! This is so philosophical.", then I think that it was better to fell in love with the life than to fell in love with a girl, in my own case. My life is only mine and it can't deceive myself with another person.

Some time passed and I saw a girl crying. When I ask she about her problems she told me that his boy had left she to wen't with another girl. I ask she "Why are you crying for a bad boy that doesn't deserves her?". The only thing that she told me is that she was still in love with him. Now, I feel so strange. I wanna feel those feelings, but with my life I would never feel them. It's the time, I left you life... to life by my own way.

"Are yo gonna be my girl?"

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